Camporee is March 24–26 at Firestone Scout Reservation.

This year’s theme is Scout Skills Forge Character.

This theme is from the writings of Admiral James B. Stockdale. He wrote that when life becomes difficult, one’s character really shows and that makes the difference in how we perform and survive. The metaphor of a crucible is what he used. We are using the Forge as our metaphor because the trial by fire of Scout Skills competition will show what our patrols are made of. As these tests are all of skills that are already part of the trail to Eagle, we hope everyone will shine in these skills tests.

Location: Firestone Scout Reservation, The campgrounds are Arthur Letts, Rinconcito, and Green Island. These are the same campgrounds we had last year. These will accommodate 300 people without difficulty. We will camp at the upper campgrounds and use the lower campground for assembly and the Saturday evening campfire.

The Dates are March 24-26.

Cost is $35.00 for the weekend. $25.00 Saturday only. Cub scouts are free and welcome. Payable at the Volunteer Service desk at the Scout House. Late payment after March 23 is only $40.00 per person and I encourage everyone to take advantage of the opportunity to pay more as this will help our district and council with their necessary hidden costs.

Camporee 2017 Information for all Troops and Patrols

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