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A letter from Dr. Skahan about Camporee

I am pleased to announce that Del Mar District Camporee will take place on Friday, April 6 through Sunday, April 8, 2018. Once again we will be camping at Firestone Scout Reservation. The exact camp site will be assigned later and I will send that to you ASAP.

The theme for this year’s Camporee is, “The thirteenth part of the Scout Law—A Scout is Hungry!”

The cost for camporee is $30.00 per scout and this is due to the camp fees and the port-a-potty rentals.

The competitions will include skills tests related to cooking such as fire starting with cooking biscuit on a stick, knot tying, an orienteering quiz, Scout knowledge, Kim’s game, First Aid knowledge and skill demonstration, and shelter building to test lashing skills. These will take place on Saturday morning and these competitions will end at 12 noon.

Each patrol will have and carry a patrol flag made of natural materials with the patrol name and patrol members names on the flag. Each patrol must have a patrol yell and be prepared to offer it loudly when asked by Camporee staff.

Each patrol will have tasks which must be completed and photo documented before attending Camporee. These tasks are:

  1. Cooking eggs without a pan,
  2. Preparing and eating a foil dinner,
  3. Participating in a community service project of the patrol’s choice (this would need photos and number of hours of service donated as well) Each patrol must then present documentation photos to their Scoutmaster or Committee Chair. Each patrol must have these photos available for inspection by Camporee staff on a phone, laptop, or poster whichever the troop leader chooses. Should the patrol choose to do the cooking requirements at Camporee that is acceptable but I would prefer this be done at camp outs or meetings prior to Camporee.

These activities will give 5 points each toward the White Buffalo award but are absolutely required of each patrol for Camporee.

Each patrol will have a uniform inspection in their campsites by their troop leaders. This will take place after the Saturday morning assembly prior to starting the competitions. The uniform to be inspected is hat, scarf, slide, and uniform shirt with patrol patch, Troop number, rank badge, and universal scout brotherhood patch. The pants or shorts requirement is up to the choice of each troop’s Scoutmaster. Each patrol must have uniformity in their choice of hats, slides, scarves, and pants. Creativity and humor are encouraged. 10 points per patrol will count towards the White Buffalo award.

Each patrol campsite will be inspected by their troop leaders. Campsites must include: a perimeter, an entrance, a useful pioneering project, duty roster, water or dirt to extinguish fire in cans or suitable containers. 10 points per patrol will count towards the White Buffalo award.

Each Troop is required to have a patrol participate in the Iron Chef competition to be held the afternoon of Camporee. These are patrols will be made up of interested scouts and not the regular patrols but they must have a name and a patrol yell just as the Troop’s regular patrols are required to have a name and a patrol yell. The Iron Chef award will go to the patrol with the tastiest full meal prepared during the competition including: Hot drink, entree, and dessert. Our first aid staff nurses will again be the judges for the Iron Chef competition.

Leisure activités on Saturday afternoon will include: Frequent visits to the OA camp store for water and refreshment purchases, Human Foosball, Dry land fly casting, Frisbee obstacle course, Drone flying obstacle course, and outdoor competitive games such as Kub, Corn hole, and others. If possible we will also have the shotgun range as in years past. Shotgun will require parental permission forms to participate along with a separate $5.00 fee per turn per individual. This is a small trap set up with NRA and BSA range safety officers and National Sporting Clays Instructors leading the scouts. As before, the purpose of the shotgun program is to have fun, teach firearm safety, and demystify firearms to make the scouts and their friends safer and smarter.

The Saturday night camp fire program will feature a lecture on the History of Anesthesia by Dr. Skahen. ( Just kidding! ) The final district wide competitions for the annual fastest fire starting and knot tying will be held with the awards given. The White Buffalo awards will then be given out to the winning patrols. Following that the Order of the Arrow Ta Tanka chapter will have their Call Out Ceremony. After the camp fire there will be a cracker barrel to honor the newly elected candidates to the OA at the OA camp headquarters.

LDS troops are welcome to return home anytime after the Iron Chef competitions Saturday afternoon. After Scout’s Own Sunday morning at 9:00 a.m., each troop will be dismissed once their campsite has been inspected by the Camporee staff. Everyone should be gone by 10 a.m. Parents leaving their scouts to wait at the site will be turned over to Child Protection authorities and prosecuted to the full extent of the Scout Law.

A complete schedule will be emailed to each Troop within the next week. Thank you for your participation.

Yours in Scouting,
Dr. Skahen

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