Scoutbook Lite


This information on Scoutbook Lite is being posted at the request of the BSA IT department.

Note: Scoutbook Lite is for units that don’t use Scoutbook. It replaces Internet Advancement and will be free to all registered BSA units. There is nothing in Scoutbook Lite that is not also in Scoutbook and they both write to the same database and will be able to see the data entered from either application. Scoutbook Lite only provides what Internet Advancement provides, which is rank/award/mb/adventure date entry. It does not track requirements or any of the other items Scoutbook has.

An overarching concern of BSA IT is that there are too many computer tools for volunteers to be familiar with—as they keep track of all the key information they need to access and report.

The Scoutbook database will be the database of record for advancement data. In preparation, Internet Advancement will be retired and replaced in 2018 by a system named “Scoutbook Lite.” Scoutbook Lite will have the major features of Internet Advancement. With that in mind, the BSA will start to combine some of the individual tools in our arsenal. With the new Scoutbook Lite, BSA intends to unify and bring under one interface as many unit leader tasks as possible—with the unit leader only needing a single access.

When released, Scoutbook Lite will initially replace the legacy Internet Advancement tool. These additional functions are also planned to be added as soon as possible: Service Hour Reporting, Internet Rechartering (for unit leaders), camping logs, and more.

The main difference between Scoutbook and Scoutbook Lite is that the full version of Scoutbook provides unit leaders greater flexibility.

For example, BSA is presently working on a mobile app for Scouts, who can record their advancement and achievements, and then have the unit leader go into the full version of Scoutbook and approve them.

Additionally, Scoutbook already includes calendars, reminders, messaging, and unit/Scout financial (still in Beta) features.

There have been some concerns expressed that BSA will abandon the ability of units to use 3rd party Unit Management Software (UMS) to bulk upload advancement information. The BSA anticipates that Scoutbook Lite will continue to allow bulk upload of data via a defined CSV format. Since there are so many 3rd party options available, BSA will require that the 3rd party UMS exports comply with BSA’s prescribed format. And if they do not, then it would fall to the unit leaders to make it so. For example, unit leaders would need to make sure that data fields for importation via Scoutbook Lite are in the right order.

So, for those who want to hang on to their existing UMS, they will still be able to upload CSV advancement data. It would just be uploaded to Scoutbook Lite instead of to Internet Advancement.

Third party UMS software may in the future be able to use APIs that will be allowed to directly read data from Scoutbook Lite, but not at this time.

For those volunteers interested in learning more about the APIs being developed by the BSA, please contact Tom Jansen directly at

Tom will reach out to everyone who contacts him, and he will often connect by phone if that helps in the identification of your needs and interests.

This is the information we currently have on Scoutbook Lite, if you have questions about Scoutbook Lite feel free to post them on the Scoutbook forums or send them to:

Are you a Wood Badge Course Director in 2018?

As Scout Leaders we have been blessed with opportunities to mentor our youth; to watch our young men and women learn, develop and become leaders themselves. As a Wood Badge Staff member we have had the opportunity to transfer our knowledge and training to other adult leaders.

To those who truly believe in the Wood Badge “magic” there comes a time to impact the lives of more than a handful of adult leaders. There comes a time when we must seek the opportunity reach beyond those we can reach in a staff member capacity.

The Orange County Council is looking for those with the knowledge and passion to be a Wood Badge Course Director. You have an opportunity to change lives. You can leave a legacy, but none of that will happen unless you take action. If you meet requirements listed below please contact Jorge Ruiz deSomocurcio at to schedule an interview. What will your legacy be? It’s your move. We will be conducting interviews 2018 Course Director in March.

I look forward to hearing from you.

  • Must have completed the current version of Wood Badge either as a participant or a staff member and received the Wood Badge beads.
  • Must have served on the staff of a Wood Badge course as a troop guide as well as in at least one additional required Wood Badge staff position or in an adult NYLT staff position.

Rich Galpin
OCBSA Council Wood Badge Coordinator
Western Region Area 4 Training Committee

Are you a Wood Badge Course Director in 2017 (002)

District Recognition Dinner 2017

The District Dinner will be Thursday, March 9 at 7:00 PM. We’ll be at our normal Roundtable location at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa (3800 S. Fairview Rd., Santa Ana, CA 92704).

We will have amazing food from Newport Rib Company.

The cost will be $20 per person (Eagle Scouts, youth and adult, and performing OA members are no charge). Walk ins are welcome, however the cost is $40 at the door.

Please register online by March 3. You can register online at

We are needing your Extra Miler Awards and nominations for District Award of Merit.

Extra Miler Award

If you have an adult volunteer who has provided exceptional help to your unit and you want to give them extra special recognition, please send their names to

District Award of Merit

Do you know someone who has given extraordinary service to the district? Nominate them for the District Award of Merit! Download the form and email it to

We need to get these nominations and names submitted by March 3 so that we have time to order awards and finalize the program for the dinner.

Scout Sunday 2017

On February 8, America will have achieved the blessings of 107 years of Scouting for our youth.
The Scouting program has always included faith and duty to God as basic tenets. These are recited in The Scout oath: “I will do my best to do my duty to God and my country” and in The Scout Law: “a Scout is Reverent”.

Every year, we celebrate this milestone on Scout Sunday and Scout Sabbath.

The challenge: This year, make Scouting visible in your place of worship.

Every Scout and Scouter in Packs, Troops, and Crews

Scout Sunday: Feb. 5, 2017
Scout Sabbath: Feb. 11, 2017

Each Scout’s place of worship

A. At a minimum: Wear your Field Uniform (Class A) and attend a service at your place of worship

An individual commitment to show up in uniform.

B. Step it up:
Do “A” AND
Have an announcement before the service or during the service to recognize 107 years of Scouting in the United States.
Have the faith leader ask all current and past members of the Scouting organization to stand.
Recognize all Eagle Scouts present as having demonstrated their duty to God throughout their rank advancements.

An advance request of the place of worship to accommodate the announcement

C.  Step it up a little more:
Do “A” and “B” AND
Reach out to the community through a bulletin announcement to alert them of anniversary of Scouting.
Ask community members to attend and current Scouts wear their uniforms
It is fine to reach out to Girl Scouts and American Heritage Girls, as well, since there are common roots.
A 2-3 week advance request and a little blurb for the bulletin

D.  Step it up even more:
Do “A,” “B,” and “C” AND
Involve Scouts in the service as greeters, handing out bulletins, passing collection baskets, being recognized for religious emblem awards and religious patches earned, hosting donuts after services, etc. Be creative!
A 2-3 week advance request and will require more info to be posted in the bulletin.

Finally, Take PICTURES!
Tell us what you did: A, B, C, or D, with a few specifics in a brief paragraph (3-4 sentences) and send pictures to:

Linda Shepard – OC Religious Emblem Coordinator at
And / Or Marty Cutrone – OC Director of Strategic Alliances at


 A “Scout is Reverent.” Scouts of all ages promise to do their “Duty to God.” Today we celebrate Scout Sunday – the founding of the Scouts in the United States.

This is an example of what can be read at the service:

Today we are celebrating Scout Sunday. Scout Sunday is meant to mark the founding of the Scouts in the United States. On this special day Scouts go to their places of worship in uniform and help with the services.

In the United States, Scouting is incorporated by churches, synagogues, and many other religious organizations as part of their youth ministries. Approximately 50 percent of all Scouting units are chartered to religious groups. These observances offer an opportunity for congregations to honor Scouts and Scouters as well as to learn more themselves about the value of Scouting as a youth program.

Part of the Scout Law says that a “Scout is Reverent” and that Scouts of all ages promise to do their “Duty to God”. These values strengthen youth character in their family, community and faith. Scout Sunday is a day for entire congregations to share in the Scouting family.

District Pinewood Derby 2017

It’s time to get your pinewood race cars ready!

Pack 316 hosts the 3rd Annual Del MarDistrict Pinewood Derby on Saturday, January 21. Check in begins at 11:45 AM and race begins at 12:15 PM (no late check ins, please).

The race will be at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, (3800 S. Fairview Rd., Santa Ana, CA 92704).

All Scouts and Scouters should come in Field Uniform.

Please register by Friday so we can get a count of how many people to expect.

Official race rules are available at this link.

Ethan’s Giving Tree

The ME Rinker National Scout Shop is providing an opportunity for the scouting community to help local scout members who may be in need of uniforms and uniform items.

This help will be done through The Ethan Giving Tree program starting November 17 through December 20, 2016. The Ethan Giving Tree program works on a donation basis. An Ethan tree (similar to an Angel tree) will be set up at the Scout Shop with Ethan cards on it. Each card will have the first name of the Scout along with the uniform items that they need. There will also be a space for other items they may want such as books, crafts, camping items, etc. Customers and Scout supporters can purchase the item(s) in their local Scout Shop and give them to the store staff to collect for each child.

We will keep the name of the individual(s) confidential. Only the store staff will have access to the Scout’s name and your contact information. A code will be issued that will match a card in the safe that will have your contact information, so as the donations are collected store staff will contact you so arrangements for pickup can be made.

We need your assistance to make this project a success. Please fill out the information below and return to the store by November 17, 2016 for every scout who would benefit from donations from the scouting community to complete their full uniform.

If you have any concerns or questions please contact the store staff by email: or phone us at 561-691-3929.

Thank you in advance for your assistance. With leaders like you, this program will greatly benefit our scouting community.

Thank you,
National Scout Shop Store


Celebration of Scouting event

Join all of us in the Del Mar District as we pay tribute to Adam Wright, Tina Blanco, and Peter Powell.

It will be Thursday, December 1, 2016 from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM at the Newport Sea Base.

Hors d’oeuvres and beverages will be served.

We will have former Top Gun Navy Pilot John Semcken III as our keynote speaker.

Please consider a sponsorship to thank our honorees and support Scouting in Orange County! Ad copy and/or artwork must be submitted by Friday, November 18th. Just provide a logo, picture and/or some brief text! More information is available online or by contacting Jeff Duer at 714-546-8558 ext.153 or

Business casual attire recommended.

To register, go to



What: Del Mar’s Got Talent!

Who: Pack and Troop Volunteers invited

When: Thursday, July 14 at 6:30 PM

Where: Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, Fellowship Hall

Why: To inprove Del Mar District’s unit service


Download the flyer: Friendstorming 2016